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If your ad’s not in our paper, you’re not shopping local! We’re the only locally owned newspaper!

We are in our 8th year and our broad readership has reached more than 20,000 readers a month and is based on quality of reader, not quantity of households!

Our readers are people who choose to pick up the newspaper, not get it delivered whether they want it or not!

You can pick up our weekly paper at key retailers and key public facilities, weekly, all year round!

Think Green! We do not support environmental cluttering or the use of trees and plant material  product for flyers and junk mail.

We are not afraid to speak up! We do not receive direct funding from the dollars spent annually by the municipal government for legal, tender and promotional advertising. We rely heavily on individuals, private business and not-for-profits to provide us the revenue to operate. As well, organizations like the Strathcona County Public Library, for its belief in literary freedom, and elected officials like Councillor Bidzinski who believes in supporting local business and we thank them for their support and for his


Call the Sherwood Park Independent Weekly! Our rates have not been changed since 2010!

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As a community supported media site, The Independent depends on generous donations from individuals, businesses and groups to survive and thrive. the Independent gets no government funding or primary foundation support. We have you.

The Independent operates on a tiny budget compared to other news mediums and we make every dollar count and truly appreciate your support.

There are two main ways individuals, businesses and groups can support the Independent;

Become a monthly or annual supporter of the Sherwood Park Independent with a  donation of $5, $8, $15, $25, or $50. Whatever amount you can afford.  Send your cheque, made out to J.Ford Management Inc. to box 3603, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2T4.

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Share your not-for-profit news with us and we will share it with our readers, complimentary.

Please note that in order to remain independent the Sherwood Park Independent cannot issue donation tax receipts but we can issue invoices for paid advertisements.